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Independent Mature Escort Meena Valero

I’m happy that you’re interested in spending time together. Let’s get the formalities out of the way so that we can focus on more fun things…

My availability varies. Please inquire with your desired day and time to meet so I can reserve our time together. I only book meetings via email. If we are already acquainted, please email directly for an appointment.

I will verify you fully as if you are brand new, even if you have references. I do not make exceptions for anyone regarding my verification requirements. Please don’t waste my time and yours by asking. If you are not comfortable fulfilling my verification needs, please find a different lady whose requirements match your comfort level.

I must verify you if we are not already acquainted. Your full name MUST match your I.D., which I will check when you arrive. If you have an internet handle, or site I.D., that is helpful but I still require ALL of this screening information.

If you provide a website handle, you must also include the email address associated with your handle in the text field below. No impersonators.

References are preferred. If you are including references, I will need the following information: name, website and email address. I do not check references over the phone. Please include as much information as you can to help me contact the ladies. You may also include something about yourself to help your references remember you. If you do not have two recent, verifiable references, I may be able to verify you through employment or other means.

You may email the same, complete information to me directly if you prefer not to use the form.

**I will respond from my unpublished email address under a different, private domain once I have verified you. *Be sure to check your SPAM and ALL other email folders/tabs for my reply**

I am a truly independent companion. I do not work with any assistant, agency, or booking service. I handle all verification, email and bookings personally. Your information is for my eyes only.

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